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AC Traction motor

Traction motor type DR48/06AZ is a six pole forced ventilated, 3-phase squirrel-cage induction motor, is capable to deliver adequate starting torque at a low starting current for hauling a 6000 HP AC freight Locomotive, likes of WAG9 of Indian Railways. Some of the special features of the motor are:

  • Laminated frameless stator construction with no separate housing.
  • Use of zirconium copper (CDA Alloy No. C15000), a material with high tensile strength at elevated temperature, for rotor bars and short circuit ring, brazed together.
  • Stator coils with heat sealed, void-free polyimide (KAPTON-CR) covered copper conductors.
  • Silicone bonded glass backed mica paper for ground insulation with KAPTON film slot liners, on stator winding.
  • SG Iron cast end brackets for better mechanical strength.
  • VPI in H62 silicone varnish (Class 220) of M/s Wacker Silicones, for void free insulation, with anti-tracking silicone varnish coating on wound stator for environmental protection.
  • Halogen-free silicone rubber cables for supply connections.
  • Plug in pinion at drive end with oil lubrication for smooth transmission of torque to the Loco wheels for higher tractive effort.


KW/HP : 0.25
Amps :  0.7
Rpm :  1350
Volts : 415(+-)10%
Insulation Class :  H