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The Radial Dynamic Braking Resistors complete with Blower Motor set are required to control the speed of the train on a continuous down gradient as well as on level section.

It consists of a five nos. Non-Fan Tap Radial Grid Resistor and one no. of Fan Tap Radial Grid Resistor mounted on the locomotive. These 6 or 4 Grid Resistor depending upon the requirement those are forced cooled by a D.C. Blower Motor mounted below the radial grid assembly, such that the fresh air is flown through the element assembly.
Elements of this Assembly :
. Non-Fan Tap Radial Grid Resistor
. Fan Tap Radial Grid Resistor
. D.C. series Blower Motor
. Blower Fan

Forced cool convection method is used for cooling of resistor Grid by a D.C. series Blower Motor. Aluminium Alloy die cast axial flow fan is used for cooling of resistor grid driven by D.C. series blower motor. There are various designs of 4 & 6 grid arrangements are designed as per the power requirements.


Altitude : 0-1500 mtrs.
Max. Grid current :  upto 900 Amps
Load Voltage :  Max. 2700 V.D.C. across Resistance
Ambient Temperature : 0-55°C
Total Heat Dissipation :  1.7 MW
Max. Grid Power of each resistor :  367.5 kW
DC Motor Power output rating :  100 HP
Fan & Motor Supply :  450 V
Speed :  2000 RPM
Motor Current :  195 AMPS