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This is highly compact Braking Resistor. The Resistor is divided into Resistor bank, Blower Motor and Blower. Resistor Bank consists of six resistors tiers connected to six traction motors. Blower is axial flow fan with D.C. Motor. AC Motor is optional. Blower is aluminium alloy die-cast. Blower fixed on the bottom of the under frame and fresh air is sucked in from the lower portion. Top of the resistor bank is matched to the roof of the locomotive and hot air is blown out from the roof top into the atmosphere. This type of Braking Resistor is highly successful and provides maximum braking efforts.


DRI Part No. : DRI/DBR/00 & DRI/RDBR/00
Braking current : 900 Amps
Power Dissipation :  2430 kW
Average operating temp :  600 ° C
Motor blower : 3000 RPM
Blower motor :  D.C series & A.C as option
Resistance :  0.5 Ω
Impeller :  760 dia